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Cubeslam, this is a rather addicting game when you're bored.

Come play at


OP is a liar. This game blows harder than a hooker on crack.

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Who do you subscribe to on youtube?
In the need of some good content.
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You can try jacksfilms, internet comment etiquette, Idubbbz if you're looking for comedy channels

Vsauce 3 & 1 if you're interested in science.

Other than that most youtubers i watched have turned cancerous.


If you’re looking for comedy try John Lackmeyer.

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I think someone is following me and I need help. I'm not sure but I keep seeing someone walking behind me a couple of streets and walking in the same restaurants, cafes, stores, ect. as me and sitting a few tables away or standing a few feet away watching me. I'm beginning to get scared and have tried to avoid them but they always seem to be there. I dont think they are dangerous I am going to try and confront them and tell them to stop. Will update soon.
(Picture was required so enjoy the puppy for comfort)


Let's hope your schizophrenia kicks in to over-drive and takes this story somewhere interesting. Looking forward to hearing results.

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What does /b/ think about George quitting his comedy career for music?
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Has anyone purchased his book? Been thinking about buying it recently.

Worth getting?

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underskirt pictures anyone?


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Are webm's acceptable?


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Friendly reminder most Americans are fat, obese and unhealthy.
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Fuck it, its Trumps fault.


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ITT: Pictures that make you go wtf or just unexplainable.
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Im bored


so am i


That's why we're here.


Quality videos.

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